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4 November 2015 News The Community Creative

Loss is a difficult concept to come to terms with. Earlier this week we lost a member of the Toronto House community, Bess Koutsourelis.

In the words of SoulDeep’s Steven Aldred
‘Yesterday was a total shocker for the HOUSE FAMILY! The loss of our Bess, our SoulSista and our dear dear friend. Her infectious smile and amazing love and heart, will be missed beyond what words can say. Today my heart is still very heavy and still very much in disbelief, she has left us. I will miss you my Bessie Poo to the fullest. I will miss your smile, your warm and comforting hugs and that laugh that would and could bring you out of a bad day to something beautiful. I MISS YOU BESS MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER KNOW!! Till we meet again my angel! LOVE YOU MY BESS, ALWAYS AND FOREVER! WE ALL MISS YOU BESS AND WE ARE WITH YOU ALWAYS!!’

Join Steven today at 6pm EST for a very special SoulDeep show dedicated to Bess

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