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Monday 4:00pm - 7:00pm GMT

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Dazzle Drive Show Every Monday
from 4pm-7pm with co-host Yaz.

Discussing topics about our everyday lives.
A range of topics at the start of each hour, Special guests and of course getting the thoughts and opinions of YOU the listeners.

Dazzle’s Drive Show. Each and every Monday from 4pm-7pm. Dazzle will be discussing a range of topics based on life and how we adapt our minds too the obstacles we face in our everyday lives.

This show will include special guest occurrences speaking their truth and getting the listeners involved by discussing their thoughts and opinions on the topics of conversation.

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Dazzle’s Monday Drive crew

Dazzle’s Drive Show. Each and Every Friday from 4pm-7pm where it’s all about the music! Dazzle will be playing the freshest sounds and hottest beats around getting you ready for the weekend. Bringing you artist interviews, interactive games, guest performances and lastly CRAZY banter to get you through your home-time drive.

Through the art of educated communication, and respect for others emotions, thought processes and views, we can encourage an evolved way of communicating. We can begin to heal and help one another as a collective through educated conversation, and lack of fear. Yaz is delighted to help light, and lead the way, with regards to open minded and educated conversation, surrounding subjects that are deep rooted within society, and are far too often, side stepped. Welcome to a new open minded kind of conversation.

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