As a child my Dad was my biggest influence with regards to what music I listened to. So for him he made sure I listened to Brook Benton, Dinah Washington, Art Tatum & Oscar Peterson. When I got older Mr C was my next musical influence as he’d discovered rare groove and he wanted me […]

In the last 6 years Mr C branched out to form Candy Mass a UK Soca Band for London Notting Carnival and in 2017 were voted No.1 Best Carnival Band at London Carnival which is growing bigger & better each year.

Join Draya Ivy Every Monday 11:00pm - Midnight on Ivy Talks via iLive UK.

Catch Merch alongside Bwoy Wonder & Amina Every Friday 9:00pm - Midnight on iLive UK's Hip Hop Soul Show.

Catch Bwoy Wonder alongside Merch Millions & Amina Every Friday 9:00pm - Midnight on iLive Uk's Hip Hop Soul Show.

C A M S T A I N was introduced to the scene as a sound engineer and digital composer. He began with producing and recording music in the UK underground hip hop scene building up a portfolio of experience recording music. CamStain produces alternative House, RnB and HipHop.

Join Karl “Fat Daddy” Gritton on “Black Excellence Indeed” a radio show with a mission to raise awareness of: black culture, black artistry, and black influences in the world, whilst showcasing black excellence in a vibrant and refreshing way, through tackling issues old and new within our community. Every Wednesday 7pm – 9pm UK Time […]

Catch Amina alongside Merch Millions & Bwoy Wonder Every Friday 9:00pm - Midnight UK Time on iLive UK's Hip Hop Soul Show.

Hailing from Brixton, Paolo is a flair DJ you can depend on to deliver, pushing a sound best described as chill hop trap soul through his brand Drops of Tabasco which focuses on being your plug for music. You can hear regular playlists updated and refreshed on a monthly basis on Spotify: A Chill Hop Trap Soul Playlist. As well as mixes on soundcloud.

With a passion for unsigned independent artists he aims to bring you the very best in independent and neo-soul flava's including the Top 20 Independent Chart on iLive Radio.

Through the art of educated communication, and respect for others emotions, thought processes and views, we can encourage an evolved way of communicating. We can begin to heal and help one another as a collective through educated conversation, and lack of fear. Yaz is delighted to help light, and lead the way, with regards to open minded and educated conversation, surrounding subjects that are deep rooted within society, and are far too often, side stepped. Welcome to a new open minded kind of conversation.

Honney B is a young vibrant and full of energy and vibes, whose entertainment career began over a two years ago as a hosts for live events this then developed her skill further into presenting for TV. Her passion for afrobeat music lead her to get involved in radio and hasn’t looked back since. Listen to her and host DJ Magic-Jay every Tuesday 9-11pm GMT on iLive UK on 'Who Loves Afrobeats'.

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