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It became clear before Yaz had even reached her first birthday, that communication was going to be one of her strongest skills.

At an early age of 4 Yaz had an unusually deep understanding of the world, and the pain of the people. As an only child surrounded by highly educated adults, Yaz was a sponge, full of natural curiosity with a deep sense of right and wrong willing to challenge and question all that she was learning about her surroundings.

Through her own colourful experiences in life, Yaz sought to find answers to multitude of issues that the collective experience daily, with little to no resolve despite there seeing to be obvious solution. This is something Yaz feels passionately about changing.
Learning from the school of ‘life’ about abuse, mental health, deep understanding of relationships, human behaviour, parenting, paedophilia, the hierarchy of the westernised system that we live within, and how to make that system work in your favour.

Yaz is also a mindset mentor and enjoys working closely with those looking to create a shift in their life but perhaps don’t quite know how or where to start. With experience working within a multitude of industries and a tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, the education that life has provided Yaz with is vast and a varied.

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