Shayne Pilpel

Tech God

Shayne Pilpel

Born and raised in Toronto Canada, I was immediately influenced with the sounds coming out of the UK.
Depeche Mode had a monumental impact on my musical taste it only made sense that once i heard House music for the first time i that was it!! Fast forward 25 years, I now reside in West Palm Beach FL, working alongside German Garcia and Patrick Morana at Xima Records.

I have been playing music for roughly 15 years, Started out playing Progressive House, but now I strictly
focus on Tech House.

Beatport – https://pro.beatport.com/artist/shayne-pilpel/397294
Xima Records – https://www.facebook.com/XimaRecords/
Komunicate Facebook Profile – https://www.facebook.com/KomunicateThruMusic/

Shayne Pilpel,