ODJ shows

“Music is a driving force that takes you on a journey”. It all began in London, England when the music we loved, was not being represented until pirate radio changed everything. Born in London’s East end, (Hackney), music has been a mainstay of ODJ’ daily routine, numerous trips to London’s West end for the latest records was always promising. “I was swamped by all the shops, and spent more than I should have”, but, this was part of the attraction called “the love of music”.

I was captivated by quality Black music from Marvin Gaye, James Brown; Aretha Franklin though to Roy Ayers, Jill Scott & one of my favourite artist, Mary J. Blige.

This foundation of great artists has lead ODJ to the current position as host of a radio programme called ‘Amalgamation In Sound’. ODJ’ previous experience from commercial radio and community radio has equipped him with the necessary skills to comfortable produce a radio show of industry standard.

ODJ’ involvement in Toronto’s Dance community has seen him host two Acid Jazz festivals while spinning in bars and clubs.

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