Guest DJ: Jungle Zoo (JGMS)

The Guv'nor

Guest DJ: Jungle Zoo (JGMS)


‘I couldn’t imagine a world without music – there would be such a void in my life’

I have been involved with some kind of musical activity for most of my life, from early days with sound sytems; to present day working for some major players in the industry.

When at school, I always had a thing for music and would be invited to the party only because I had the vinyl , I didn’t know about djing, only that I loved to play music.

There have been many influences musically in my life from many people in different places. Bobby & Steve Zoo gave me a good schooling of the industry, and I was part of Zoo promotions for over ten years as their events manager. Garage City, Soul Heaven , and Lords of the Underground were just a few of the events which I was part of, and Im glad to say they remain great friends of mine.

My single most musical influence is Donny Hatherway- love his lyrics and his passion.
How do I describe the music we feature on the ‘Just Good Music Show’? Well I would say i play all genres of music from soulful house to soul grooves, but the Saturday sessions are where I get to play the harder sides of the JGMS

House music is more than just a groove to me, it’s an extension of so many genres,

‘The Just Good Music Show ‘is just that. I have always felt the need to promote all good music and play soul, house, disco and even a touch of jazz; it’s not just about playing music but also sharing the knowledge and information. Music is a gift which should be shared.

Guest DJ: Jungle Zoo (JGMS),