David served the Toronto community as radio host, programmer and producer of Dave’s Dance Music on 88.1 CKLN for 21 years (1981 to 2002).  Dubbed as “The Understated Daddy of the Dance Scene” by the Toronto Star (April 1996), David is widely regarded as being a driving force in bringing Dance Music to the airwaves of Toronto.  As a pioneer on Toronto’s airwaves, he introduced the beat-mixing format and club-wise presentation of the Dance Music genres of Hip Hop, House, R&B and Electro-funk to his audience.  The program deeply influenced the playlists of Club, Street and other Radio DJs in Toronto and, through his own widely circulated playlists, the program’s influence was felt throughout Canada in major cities from Montreal to Vancouver.  The reach of the program also extended through to London (England) where record stores subscribed to his weekly playlist as an aid in their selection of imported titles from the USA.  David also served as a Jury Member for the Juno Awards and was a frequent guest DJ at the city’s best known prime time and after-hours bars and nightclubs. His best-known Club residency was the Copa on Sunday Nights

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