The Uncle

Uncle Funke

Hailing originally from the UK UNCLE FUNKE brings with him his own brand of classic club hits.His personal collection spans over 40 years encompassing every dimension of modern party music.

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Mr Soul

DJ Ron Jon

DJ Ron Jon has been involved in the music scene for over 20 years specializing in various musical genres such as funk, hip hop, rock, jazz, alternative, world music and house.

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DJ Sessions

Welcome to the world of DJ Sessions,  rare groove revivalist, vinyl junkie and the founder of iLive,  the internet radio station that's kicking up digital dust in Toronto. The London, U.K. native and 30 year music veteran hopes to bring a bird's eye view of what's driving Toronto's underground music scene. Applying lessons learned from his days as a DJ with Choice FM, the U.K.'s first-ever licensed Black music radio station, and as the front man for DJ collective Strictly Bizness, Sessions is challenging us to rethink the way we listen to radio.

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The Mayor

Son of S.O.U.L (RIP)

Son of S.O.U.L.’s a student of the craft, he searches out and plays recordings that reflect the seminal roots of Hip Hop Son of S.O.U.L. passed away on the 1st Sept 2015 but he will forever be in our hearts.

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Mr Stability


"Music is a driving force that takes you on a journey”. It all began in London, England when the music we loved, was not being represented until pirate radio changed everything. Born in London’s East end, (Hackney), music has been a main stay of ODJ’ daily routine

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The Apprentice


Being born into a family of music lovers, her mother a backup singer, father a human music encyclopedia of all genres, and a music producing brother who has taught her everything she knows

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The Artist

Dezi Dee aka Afrodelik

Dezi is an artistic adventurer who explores all musical sources that comprise the sound of funky music worldwide. Covering Rock to Soul, Hip Hop, Reggae, R `n B, Jazz and the African diaspora.

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StokeS is an over 20 year veteran of the entertainment industry. His roles within the industry have run the gamut encompassing everything from DJing, MCing, acting, music performance and production, participating in documentaries, presenting, commentating and hosting

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The Godfather

Gene King

Formerly of CKLN 88.1 FM on Toronto's radio airwaves Vibes N Vinyl are in the house Once again to continue the tradition of promoting and exposing great House music to the world ... we bring you brand new music as well as explore the roots of house music in its true form. you will also hear exclusive interviews with local and international artists of the genre .Keep it locked and enjoy the ride we have provided our listeners since 1996

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The Intellect


Rele describes herself as London dweller, old music lover, new DJ, on a journey to discover aural pleasure

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The Legends


The Legends who's depth of knowledge is matched by their capacity to have fun. The Collektive are unique in their style, tastes and execution, this stands them apart for any other musical clique.

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The Crowd Pleaser

DJ Mark Anthony

Born in Nottingham England, raised in Toronto Canada with a Jamaican background has made this DJ very eclectic in music....DJ Mark Anthony also known as the "THE CROWD PLEASER" is always puttin' bodies in motion!

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The Guv'nor

Guest DJ: Jungle Zoo (JGMS)

‘The Just Good Music Show ‘is just that. I have always felt the need to promote all good music and play soul, house, disco and even a touch of jazz; it’s not just about playing music but also sharing the knowledge and information. Music is a gift which should be shared.

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Steven Aldred

My love for music, words cannot describe

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The Scribe


Hailed as a newcomer and a name to watch out for during 2003, DJ Amber was an original member of the U.K. based underground hip-hop magazine, FATBOSS.  Her raging hip-hop sets across South London, saw her draw a loyal public following, as well as capture media attention from the likes of Time Out magazine, Ministry, Knowledge and The Evening Standard (Hot Tickets).

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The Couch

Patrick Morris

Patrick O. Morris is an author (Soothe My Soul the Poetically Exposed series). A poet, public speaker, community worker, model and TV host. His involvement with a wide variety of people has given him a well-rounded view of the world around him

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Kush Nubia

Talented taste-maker and a regular supporter of the urban scene, DJ, producer and engineer Kush Nubia aka Nubio refuses to stay in one lane. Fusing trap, future beats, hip-hop, reggae, R&B and organ urbans sounds, the Toronto resident of Jamaican descent has created the unexpected. Through his publishing company Motosimba Music [MTSMB] and his Monthly show “1st Freedom”, Kush continues to push the boundaries of music, while spreading the message of oneness with a mutli-generation vibration song selection.  

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Scully Funk

A lifelong music fanatic, Geoff began deejaying 25 years ago. Starting out in hip-hop, he soon moved over to house music. Both styles of music exposed him to the original soul, jazz, funk and disco samples that opened him up to deeper cuts from those genres.

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DJ Gazza

Growing up in the culturally deprived suburbs dj gazza found escape in alternative radio (CFNY) and imported music magazines (The Face, Record Mirror) As an employee on the infamous Twilight Zone he picked the brains of the resident djs: The Assoon brothers and Don Cochran. He would compile their playlists and look for the records at various shops: Carnival , Starsound , Record Peddler and of course Goodwill

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Sonny Dunn

Sonny Dunn has been DJing for 10 years and is lucky to have been schooled by some masters in the art of mixing records.

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Mixmaster J 5 Star English General

Wherever there is a microphone, and turntables (whether vinyl or CD Js), there will be entertainment provided by the master of ceremonies, Mixmaster J!

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Darrel “Alize” Murray began his career at the young age of 13. Driven by his relentless passion for all types of music.Darrel Alize has played across Canada and even captured hearts of fans in New York, Atlanta as well as Los Angeles. He also spent three years on the legendary radio program “The Power Move Show” heard on CKLN 88.1 FM.

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The Activist

Lucia Dee

Lucia Dee is a 19yr entertainment veteran and lifelong music lover. She began working in television for NUE-TV in Washington DC in 1999, while developing a solid freelance career. Lucia has directed, and produced short films, EPKs, documentaries, music videos, and live shows for artists such as Poor Righteous Teachers and Mobb Deep.   It was her work behind the camera that lead her to CIUT 89.5FM where she focused her lenses on hip hop greats like Royce Da 5'9, Boot Camp Clik and Cappadona.  The next step for Lucia was hosting the Friday night classic, Nocturnal Noize with DJ Law and nightly news for Project Bounce.   She now serves as Station Manager at iLive, as well as Host of Honey Drop.  

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The Voice

Ray Robinson

Known for his soulful, passionate voice Ray Robinson has been enticing listeners for the past 10 years. His musical expertise extends beyond his singing capabilities; he is a producer and songwriter and an established leader in the music community. Outside of his musical talents Ray’s interests extends to community work. It is his belief that we as a society can grow and change if we look outside our door and help our fellow neighbour.

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DJ Jairzinho

What makes DJ Jairzinho different is that his love for music goes far beyond the sound and lyrics. For him its all about the engagement and being at one with music, creating and giving good vibes to his audience. 
Being into all genres and listening to anything that is creatively good makes DJ Jairzinho a rounded and diverse DJ who can entertain any audience.
Currently he is known for his Ladies Seduction Slow Jam Selection during his renowned Luvfreeness Radio Show on iLive Radio.

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With a very unapologetic love for many genres of music, Intelx is no stranger to this business.  Coming from a highly affiliated musical family and upbringing, Intelx began to exercise his love for the artform when he purchased his first pair of SL 1200 turntables at 14 years old. His love for vinyl allowed him to not only stay current with the music of the time but also pay homage to what was prior and expanding his ear.  This lead him to have a keen desire for exploring the creative process where he found himself manipulating sounds and creatively crafting his own beats. The Build Co member is currently giving back to the beat community through his show, Sounds In The Hereafter/PTRN SLCT and various projects within the culture.

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David served the Toronto community as radio host, programmer and producer of Dave’s Dance Music on 88.1 CKLN for 21 years (1981 to 2002).  Dubbed as “The Understated Daddy of the Dance Scene” by the Toronto Star (April 1996), David is widely regarded as being a driving force in bringing Dance Music to the airwaves of Toronto.  As a pioneer on Toronto’s airwaves, he introduced the beat-mixing format and club-wise presentation of the Dance Music genres of Hip Hop, House, R&B and Electro-funk to his audience. 

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Brendan Boyle

Toronto native Brendan Boyle has over a decade of experience as a deejay, music blogger, event programmer and entertainment administrator. His early loves for community radio, mixtape culture and raving plunged him into the heart of Toronto’s underground party scene, where he had the opportunity to spin for just about every notable dance floor in the city. Now a settled family man, he devotes his creative time to curating and sharing the jazzier records in his ever-growing collection. Outertimeinnerspace is his first radio show.

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The Storyteller

Gwendolyn Collins

Gwendolyn Collins AKA The Storyteller is an independent artist and creative entrepreneur.  As an independent artist first, Gwendolyn has released two albums, Storytelling Side I, The Simple Things and Storytelling Side II, Moments4Love which have led to #1 spots on various UK Soul Charts.  As a creative entrepreneur Gwendolyn believes in pushing independent music forward and creating anything and everything she wants to see.  

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Yvette Raposo

A former fighter and Ontario Champion, Yvette's legacy is as a boxing entrepreneur, teacher and speaker to the benefits of boxing training used as a life-learning tool. 20 years and half her life have been fully dedicated to this sport. Her message packs a punch: hands down - and up! In Your Corner, On Your Side

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DJ Watts is Live

Watts Is Live,  is a DJ/Producer from Toronto, Canada. Born to musician parents, his musical journey started at birth, with Jazz and Hip Hop being vastly influential along this path. Inspired by some of Hip Hop’s greatest talents such as; A Tribe Called Quest (QTip), De La Soul, Wu Tang (RZA), Nas, Digable Planets, Slum Village (J Dilla), Saukrates and many more...

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Born in Washington, D.C. in the USA, his love of music was curated at an early age listening to music ranging from Earth, Wind and Fire to Queen. Self-taught on the drums and keyboard by age 19, he played and produced music in a few groups around the Washington, DC area. One of his greatest moments was playing drums on a Rhythm & Blues Christmas album in the late ‘80’s featuring some of the best singing groups from the 60’s, most notably, the Orioles and the Clovers. This year D.Black started the #IndieMusicChallenge. In partnering with DJ’s and radio presenters from the UK, USA and Canada to feature a talented Independent artist per week to help push their music to the masses.  

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