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Mark Stoddart on Honey Drop 16th October

29 September 2016 Coming Soon

Mark Stoddart’s work has been exhibited at several galleries
and private events around Toronto in recent years. His
portfolio of paintings has received widespread acclaim which
eventually led to his talents being showcased on BRAVO TV’s
series “Star Portraits.”
His commitment and popular slogan of “educate, empower
and unite” can be seen throughout his artwork which is often
drawn from his passion for music, sports and social activism.
The Mark Stoddart Collection showcases some of Mark’s
wonderful pieces and limited edition t-shirt designs. Pieces
from his “Voices of the Past” collection, which pays tribute
to various black musicians, athletes, and political figures
throughout history, features iconic figures like legendary
boxer Cassius Clay, baseball great Jackie Robinson and
political activist Kathleen Cleaver.
Today, Mark is looking towards the future, eyeing a next
medium that motivates and expands the imagination. As a
visual communicator, Mark feels compelled to do more than
just convey information – it has become his personal mission
to create art that inspires people to act.
Continue Searching…Continue Learning…Know Thyself!

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