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LIVE on FAHW3RD // LACHELLE WILLIAMS with Kush Nubia // Sunday Sept 17 @ 11PM EST

17 September 2017 Featured Artist

Lachelle Williams knew since ago four who she was and what she wanted her career to be. It was always about music for her and to this very day nothing has changed. A star was born on February 14th, 1995. Lachelle is a proud Canadian who was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. Nonetheless, with two parents who come from the islands she could never neglect her reggae, dancehall and soca music. With a Bajan and Jamaican background Lachelle has spent many years traveling back home and has grown a strong love for her heritage and culture. she has taken up on the Barbadian and Jamaican slang and now implements it in her music. The young versatile singer sings RNB, pop, reggae and deejays. The time is now, it now her time to take on the world.

Do Me Dat Single Write Up:

I fell in love with the “Do Me Dat” beat,  I was singing about men lying and trying to two time women, things like this happen all the time but ladies have to know their worth and that’s why in the song I say “I want you to know, its so easy to go, I’ll leave you for sure, I’m pretty smart sexy and cool” meaning I do not have to settle for less and I feel like every woman should be strong enough to push forward and never accept anything less than what they deserve.

TUNE IN live Sunday Sept 17 @ 11PM EST

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