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DJ Jairzinho Interviews ROSZUNN on the Luvfreeness Radio Show

23 May 2017 Featured Artist

Join DJ Jairzinho this Thursday for live interview with Independent Artist, Roszunn!

Roszunn’s first single, “Come Home With Me” from the debut album, “I am Rhythm and Blues”, landed the number one spot on the UK’s Independent Chart Show, creating a huge buzz over seas and has been in rotation on radio stations nationwide.  The single is one of many soulful hits off the debut album which was released on June 7, 2011. The 12-track album has been recognized as “wonderfully crafted” and “deserves a place within the genre’s storied discography”.

His album releases include L.O.V.E.(Living Out Visual Emotions vol. 1& 2), the immensly popular album S.O.U.L. Signs Of Unconditional Love, released January 1, 2013.Upon the release of S.O.U.L., the first single release, “Rum N Coke”, landed a spot on the iTunes HOT tracks. Roszunn’s singles have tipped a new success for the up and coming artist by attracting international media from the UK including the UK Top 30 Soul Chart, amongst others. The album remains in heavy rotation still today.

New Releases
​Roszunn is currently working on his new album, “URBAN”, to be released in Summer 2017.  His current singles, “Forever & Always” “Black N Sweet” and “Tell Me” with Halo Wheeler from the forthcoming album, hit the radio airwaves worldwide in January, March and April respectively.  Delivering once again, his signature smooth production and meaningful, melodic lyrics.  “Black N Sweet” and “Tell Me” are current risers on various Top 30 Independent R&B/Soul Music Charts.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/roszunn

Twitter: @therealroszunn

Instagram: @roszunn

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